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Coolsculpting – Non-Invasive Sculpting – Virginia

Coolsculpting – Non-Invasive Sculpting – VirginiaCoolsculpting is a revolutionary new cosmetic procedure that allows people the chance to reshape their bodies and get rid of stubborn fat deposits without the risks of invasive surgery. After a one- or two-hour session where you are fully awake and resting comfortably enough to read or use a hand-held entertainment device, the procedure is complete.

Technically known as cryolipolysis, Coolsculpting relies on the concept that fat freezes at a higher temperature than surrounding tissue. Without making a single incision or the risks of anesthetics, the Coolsculpting freezes a localized area such as the belly or love handles, and over the course of three or four months, the dead fat cells are naturally removed by the body. You may see up to a 20% fat reduction in the treated areas.

Combined with experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Reps and Dr Burton Sundin, Coolsculpting is an effective tool to get rid of stubborn fat around the midsection.

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