Fortunately, nanofat facial rejuvenation is now available to mitigate the aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines, correct the effect of scars and indentation, reduce forehead creases, fill the under-eye hollows, and define the jaw line and overall facial contours to create a balanced, youthful facial appearance.

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What Is Nanofat For The Face?

Nanofat facial volumizing treatment can be described as a non-surgical facelift that makes use of the patient’s own natural fat cells to rejuvenate the face. The treatment is totally natural, and produces safe and desirable outcomes. Patients do not have to worry about any serious side effects or cosmetic concerns such as a “frozen expression” appearing on their face. Fat cells used in the nanofat process are usually extracted from the thigh, abdomen, or hips area where excess fat deposits may be present. The fat tissue then goes through an automated fat purification process and is placed inside syringes. Using tiny needles, the nanofat treatment expert will inject the nanofat into the targeted facial sites.

The risk of allergic reactions is minimal because the injection material is not synthetically produced, but taken from the patient’s own body. The treatment provider will ensure that the injections are placed with high precision at the accurate skin depths to achieve smooth and natural looking results along with bio-hormonal benefits that will accrue when the patient’s natural tissue is used.

Cosmetic Improvements With Nanofat

Each time an individual expresses emotions, the dynamic facial muscles will create fine lines in the skin. Repetitive facial motion over time can deepen these lines into permanent wrinkles, especially as the person loses collagen fibers and facial volume due to aging. With nanofat facial injectable treatment, it is possible to counter these forces of aging.

The following cosmetic improvements in the face may be achieved with a nanofat facial treatment:

  • Reduction or elimination of the facial lines and wrinkles
  • Enhancement in the tone, texture and volume of facial skin
  • Creating a smooth, harmonious effect with radiant or glowing skin
  • Longer-lasting and more natural looking results than traditional fat grafting
  • No incisions, no chemicals or medications, and no general anesthesia is involved
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Results with nanofat facial volumizing will be apparent almost immediately after the treatment session. Patients can enjoy sustainable results that may last for years. In comparison to dermal fillers, nanofat injections usually have a longer lifespan. Also, unlike dermal fillers, the nanofat treatment provides a completely natural way to fight the facial aging process. Apart from adding structure and volume to the depleted areas of the face, nanofat facial treatment also works to repair and regenerate the damaged or worn out skin tissue. It promotes the production of fresh collagen and elastin fibers around the injected sites for continually improving results from inside out. The risk of complications is negligible and recovery time is minimal, but the recovery may vary according to the extent of facial surface area treated with nanofat.

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