Brow Lift Banish Those Worry Lines for Good

A wrinkled forehead, creases, and worry lines are frequently counted among the most tell-tale sign of aging, in addition to the deep troughs that can sometimes form between the eyes and the bridge of the nose. If you’re worried that these issues are making you look much older than you actually feel, you’re not alone…and the talented surgical team at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery can help, with the brow lift procedure. This surgery can smooth out those unsightly furrows, leaving your brow with a smooth, unblemished appearance that will make you look and feel youthful and rejuvenated. Interested in learning more? Reach out and speak with a member of our team today. Our offices serve the Richmond, Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, and Washington DC areas and we’re excited to hear from you when you’re ready to set up your initial consultation.

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The Ideal Brow Lift Candidate

A brow lift is a delicate cosmetic procedure and Drs. Burton and Reps Sundin are adept at the most advanced brow lift techniques. During your consultation, your board-certified plastic surgeon will get to know your personal needs and aesthetic objectives, guiding you to the procedure and technique that is right for you and your lifestyle. Brow lift surgery is an excellent option if your goals include:

  • Smoothing out the appearance of brow furrows and “worry lines”
  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles between the eyes and the bridge of the nose
  • Improving the appearance of vertical creases between the eyebrows
  • Lifting the brow to improve the appearance of drooping eyelids
  • Aligning the eyebrows for a youthful and alert look

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