The procedure involves no cuts, incisions, scars, or anesthesia. You can comfortably receive the QWO injections at our office. Our experienced plastic surgeons will complete the procedure in 10 minutes, and you can simply go back to work or resume your daily routine. No advance preparation or post-treatment downtime is required.

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If you are a woman struggling with moderate to severe cellulite appearance in your posterior, you are not alone. Nearly 90% of adult women suffer from cellulite, irrespective of how much they diet or exercise. QWO is a complete non-surgical, clinically proven treatment to help you get rid of cellulite. If you are looking to restore smooth and youthful looking buttock appearance with sustainable results without surgery, QWO is an ideal treatment for you.

10 Minutes Of Treatment, Lifelong Results

Your QWO injection procedure at the VIPS office will take just 10 minutes or less. Our aesthetic specialist will use a small needle to inject the QWO medication at precise tissue depths in the targeted areas. Optimal treatment plan would include three treatment sessions, each spaced 21 days apart. Up to two treatment areas may be addressed in each session. You can expect to achieve visible results within 10 weeks. The best part is that your results can last long (probably forever) when combined with a healthy diet and fitness routine.

How Does Qwo Cellulite Reduction Work?

The FDA approved QWO injectable formulation is composed of two enzymes called collagenases (AUX I and II), which will target the structural formations underneath your skin, which are causing cellulite. These collagen-rich structures are called fibrous septae, which cause the dimpling effect in your rear-end skin.

As our experienced injection provider will deliver the QWO medication into the precise area below a dimple sub-dermally, it will trigger the degradation of fibrous septae.

As the collagen build-up in the fibrous septae breaks down, the cellulite will begin to resolve. QWO is known to work on the affected areas of your buttocks in three ways:

  • It will release the fibrous bands to remove dimpling
  • It will redistribute the fatty cells for an even look
  • It will promote new collagen growth for firm and volumized buttocks
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Clinically Proven Treatment

Researchers evaluated the safety and efficacy of QWO cellulite removal injectables in extensive clinical studies involving more than 1,800 women. Adult women in these pivotal phase 3 studies were administered three treatments of QWO at intervals of 21 days.

Results were evaluated four weeks after the completion of the treatment program. An overwhelming number of participants as well as their treatment providers agreed that the cellulite appearance had noticeably reduced following their QWO injections.

Qwo Injections Vs. Sculptra Aesthetic Filler

QWO cellulite removal injections and Sculptra Aesthetic dermal filler injections are separate treatments. While QWO is designed to treat the fibrous septae bands in the buttocks to eliminate cellulite, Sculptra Aesthetic will target the loss of skin elasticity in the same area to restore support. Both injectable treatments can perfectly complement each other for the right candidates. Our board certified plastic surgeons and their top team of aesthetic experts can deliver the combined treatment depending on your unique needs.

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