NanoFat Hair Restoration Regain Your Youthful Looks

Hair loss is quite common, and you’re not alone if you’ve found yourself feeling self-conscious about your balding or thinning hair. When conventional hair re-growth methods fail to work, the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery is here to help. NanoFat hair restoration is an innovative procedure that can produce stronger and thicker hair in a safe, non-surgical way. To learn more, reach out to our offices—serving the Richmond, Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, and Washington DC areas—and set up your consultation with a member of our team today.

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Am I the Ideal Candidate?

Any man or woman who is struggling with hair loss or thinning hair, and wants to restore hair growth and prevent additional hair shedding may choose NanoFat hair restoration. It is also an option for patients who have previously undergone hair transplantation and want to improve their hair density without surgery.

Patients seeking to eliminate dependence on Rogaine or Propecia medications may also be candidates for NanoFat hair restoration. It is important to understand that this procedure is only effective in restoring damaged, worn out, or miniaturized hair follicles that are still alive, but it cannot regenerate dead hair follicles.

Your NanoFat Experience

NanoFat refers to the natural fat cells that are harvested from your own body and purified with the help of an advanced filtration process to yield micronized fat. These purified fat cells can then be used to naturally rejuvenated hair follicles that have fallen dormant and are contributing to the appearance of hair loss.

Once a proper amount of fat cells has been harvested, they are then injected into the depleted areas of the scalp using a small gauge needle to promote robust hair re-growth. The purpose of NanoFat is not to provide volume and structure, but to stimulate hair follicles, re-starting them so they’ll grow healthy, thick hair once more.

Enjoying Your Results

Although the longevity and extent of hair re-growth results can vary between patients, most patients can expect to enjoy their new hair growth for years. Patients often achieve the best results with just one NanoFat treatment session, but some patients with more severe hair loss may need an additional treatment in one to two years, to build further on the initial hair restoration.

Here at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on our robust selection of treatment options. To learn more about NanoFat hair restoration or one of the other services we’re offering, reach out to our convenient locations—serving the Richmond, Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, and Washington DC areas—and speak with a member of our team to set up your consultation.

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