Chin Augmentation Enjoy the Profile of Your Dreams

The appearance of a weak chin can have a profound effect on the overall appearance of the face, causing the upper and lower portions of the face to appear out of balance and awkward.

It can even accentuate the prominence of the nose, causing it to appear larger in proportion to the rest of the face, and will also call attention to loose jowls or neck skin. 

For this reason, chin implants are often recommended in conjunction with other procedures, such as cosmetic nose surgery, in order to reduce the emphasis on the nose or jowl and restore balance to the features. Whether you’re considering cosmetic enhancements to your nose and jawline, or simply feel that your chin is out of balance with your facial features, chin implants are a great way to add subtle, yet impactful, dimension to your face.

How Chin Augmentation Can Help

Chin implants are small structures that mimic the natural feel of chin tissue and are available in a wide variety of configurations. Drs. Burton and Reps Sundin and their team of fully-licensed and highly experienced aestheticians at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery are adept at chin augmentation, and will your selection so you can enjoy an implant size and dimension which will blend harmoniously with your existing features. Your newly-balanced profile will present a pleasing, natural aspect with a firmer jawline and reduced emphasis on the nose.

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The Ideal Chin Augmentation Candidate

Creating your ideal sense of facial harmony requires technical skill and artistic sensibilities in equal measure. Drs. Burton and Reps Sundin offer over 30 years of combined experience, and will work with you to guide you to the treatment option that will most readily see you realizing your cosmetic goals. Chin implants are an excellent option if your goals include:

  • Adding volume to the length or width of your chin
  • Balancing your profile in harmony with other facial features
  • Reducing the emphasis on the appearance of your nose
  • Reducing the appearance of chin dimpling
  • Re-shaping a structurally misaligned or recessed chin
  • Reducing the appearance of jowls

Our Impressive Chin Augmentation Results

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Your Chin Augmentation Experience

Typically, chin augmentation is a relatively straightforward procedure and can be performed on an outpatient basis, without requiring an overnight hospital stay. The surgery is normally performed under general or IV anesthesia and will involve an incision made either below the chin or within the mouth, below the lower gums. If the incision is placed within the mouth, it will be completely invisible after healing.

If placed under the chin, the scar will be very slight, and will generally not be seen due to the angle of the chin obscuring the incision site. Following the incision, your surgeon will create space under the dermal tissue to accommodate the implant, which will be carefully inserted in the appropriate location, and fastened into place with sutures. You’ll be given a detailed understanding of your procedural plan during your preoperative consultation.

Your Rest and Recovery After Chin Augmentation

Following your procedure, you should have a friend or family member drive you home, where you will rest and recuperate for several days. You may experience some discomfort, as well as some swelling and bruising around the surgical site during this time, and medications will be provided to help you rest more comfortably.

Many patients also wear a support brace during the first several weeks of healing, in order to ensure that the implant remains in place during the initial healing process.

Although patient recovery times vary, some patients find that they’re able to return to their normal daily activities within a week, often with the aid of camouflaging make-up to disguise any lingering discolorations or bruising.

Most of the bruising and swelling is likely to have subsided after approximately 10 days, and the full effects of the chin augmentation surgery should be evident within two to three months. Before your surgery, we’ll ensure that you’re given detailed aftercare instructions, along with a thorough timeline of what you can expect from your recovery period. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy total peace of mind as you look forward to your results.

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Discover Enhanced Facial Harmony

Led by brothers Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin, the passionate team here at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery offers its patients an impressive level of approachability, coupled with a deep well of procedural knowledge and expertise. We’ll help you enjoy the treatments that will leave you feeling empowered and attractive, bringing out your natural good looks in a way that truly enhances your quality of life.

If you are interested in chin augmentation or would like more information on any of our surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures, we encourage you to contact the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment today. 

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