Renuvion (J-Plasma) is a revolutionary new technology designed to tighten loose skin in the face, neck and other areas without involving plastic surgery.

At the time of pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will educate the patient about various aspects of Renuvion (J-Plasma), and how much it may cost the patient to receive this treatment.

Patients should be aware at the outset that Renuvion (J-Plasma) treatment is new and primarily meant for aesthetic enhancement of the skin. Therefore, the patient will have to bear the costs as an out of pocket expense because insurance companies will not offer coverage for J Plasma.

The patient should freely compare the estimated costs of Renuvion (J-Plasma) with other treatment alternatives and make a judicious choice after discussing with the surgeon.

Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin, provides Renuvion (J-Plasma) treatment to patients in Richmond, Fredericksburg and surrounding locations in this part of the country.

Comparing the Costs with Other Procedures

When compared to a plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift or neck lift, Renuvion (J-Plasma) skin tightening will prove to be more cost competitive.

The typical cost components in a plastic surgery procedure are the fee charged by the surgeon, the anesthesiologist’s fee, operating room expenses and pre- and post-surgical costs. Renuvion (J-Plasma) skin tightening procedure can avoid most of these costs because it can be performed in-office using only local anesthesia.

Post-op recovery costs such as medical tests, prescription medications, and appointments with the surgeon will also be significantly lower.

The patient may also choose to compare Renuvion (J-Plasma) treatment costs with the costs of other non-surgical skin tightening treatment options such as laser or RF techniques. Some of the alternative treatments may be more or less expensive, but may not provide the same results at Renuvion (J-Plasma).

The patient should finalize their decision in consultation with the surgeon after evaluating their skin condition, personal cosmetic goals and budget.  

Sticker Price Variations

The costs of Renuvion (J-Plasma) skin tightening procedure can vary from one practice to another and even from one patient to another at the same practice in some cases.

Where the practice is located will make a difference to the costs because the living cost index is not the same in all the cities, and has a bearing on the average costs of goods and services at a particular location.

The level of personalized care and attention, quality standards, advanced technologies, safety protocols, experienced support team, and supervision by a board certified plastic surgeon are some of the key factors that may influence the actual costs at a particular practice.

Whether the patient wants to receive Renuvion (J-Plasma) skin tightening only in the face or neck or both, or even in other body areas, and whether the procedure is performed independently or in conjunction with liposuction, are factors that will affect the cost of J Plasma treatment for a particular patient.

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