MyEllevate Necklift 

MyEllevate neck lift is a patented procedure that involves the use of a light-guided suture system to help elevate neck muscle and tissue without surgery. Unlike traditional neck lift surgery that requires incisions to reposition the weakened neck muscles, MyEllevate enables your surgeon to suture below the skin tissue on the jawline using a continuous single thread.

The suture thread is then used to pull back the neck muscles and glands that are causing your neck and jawline to sag. MyEllevate is an FDA-cleared treatment to enhance the appearance of the neck and jawline with minimal downtime and little to no bruising, swelling, and scarring.

At your initial consultation, your surgeon will explain to you all the advantages and limitations of the MyEllevate neck lift and also discuss its estimated costs. 

Cost-Effective Alternative to Surgery

MyEllevate neck lift is significantly more cost-effective when compared to traditional neck lift plastic surgery. The typical costs involved in surgery, such as general anesthesia costs, hospital charges, and extended recovery expenses are avoided in the case of a MyEllevate neck lift procedure.

MyEllevate can be safely performed at your surgeon’s office using only local anesthesia. You can return home soon after this one-hour treatment and resume your normal routine quickly following minimal downtime. This may have cost advantages for working people who do not want to be absent from their workplace for long.

The dollar figure of post-operative recoveries, such as compression garments, prescription medications, medical exams, visits to the surgeon’s office, and other related post-op expenses are also largely avoided with MyEllevate neck lift.

Factors Affecting the Cost

The cost of a MyEllevate neck lift procedure may vary from one practice to another, and sometimes two patients at the same patients may also be charged differently, depending on the extent of their treatment and whether they combine MyEllevate with another procedure.

Where is the Practice Located?

Practices located in prime urban centers are likely to have higher real estate costs and other overhead compared to practices operating in smaller or remote towns and interior locations. The cost of living varies between different cities and states. These will have an impact on the cost of your MyEllevate neck lift at a particular practice.

Surgeon’s Skills and Experience

How qualified and experienced is the plastic surgeon who performs your MyEllevate neck lift and whether they are board certified in plastic surgery will make a key difference to your results. But these top-rated surgeons may be busier and could charge a slightly higher fee compared to a less qualified or new surgeon.

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