CoolSculpting Recovery Time

CoolSculpting Recovery TimeOne of the big appeals of CoolSculpting that places among the most popular fat reduction body contouring procedures is that it does not involve plastic surgery and has no specific recovery time. Even in comparison to other non-surgical body contouring procedures that may involve laser or ultrasound, CoolSculpting is typically considered the most efficient procedure.

Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, led by stellar, salient, and board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin, provides CoolSculpting to patients in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding locations in the Mother of States.


Just after Treatment

Although CoolSculpting will not impact the patient’s ability to go back to their regular routine right after the treatment session, but it may still involve a few mild side effects for a short period.

The treated areas may appear a little stiff with temporary whitening of the skin. A few patients might experience dizziness or nausea for a few minutes as the body warms up after the intense cooling process and sensation returns. Upon the removal of the applicators, some redness may be seen in the affected areas. This is an expected, transient effect. Mild bruising, swelling, and tenderness may be seen in some patients after CoolSculpting. This will typically resolve in a week or two. On the first day, the patient may experience slight tingling, cramping and stinging in the treated tissue. A few patients may have a temporary dulling of sensation or mild numbness.

The patient will normally not require any treatment and the side effects will resolve on their own. The procedure does not impose restrictions on movement, eating or drinking. Many patients, in fact, schedule their CoolSculpting treatment session during their lunch hour from work, and simply return to their workplace after the session.

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Days after CoolSculpting

The early side effects after a CoolSculpting treatment session will improve within a few hours to a few days. In a rare situation, if the patient continues to experience redness, pain, or swelling beyond 15 days, or the symptoms worsen with time, they should contact the surgeon for advice.


First Two Weeks

Most of the side effects will dissipate in about two weeks or less. However, in a few cases, the patient may experience bruising that could take two to four weeks to resolve. Mild numbness in the treated areas can occur, which will gradually improve on its own. In an exceptional case, this numbness could last for as long as a few months.

The treated layers of fat will slowly start getting thinner in the first two weeks following the CoolSculpting treatment session. Complete results will be established in about three to four months.


After the Second Week

With the unsightly fat bulges reducing in the treated areas, the patient’s satisfaction with the results will increase over time. Discomfort will entirely resolve in the first two weeks, but in a few cases, mild side effects or numbness may linger on into the third and fourth weeks.

Pragmatic and cordial plastic surgeons at the fantastic VIPS receive patients from Richmond, Virginia, and other suburbs and communities in this area of the Atlantic seaboard for CoolSculpting.

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