CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite

Over 75 million people in the United States get noninvasive fat reduction procedures performed each year. Out of these, about 8 million choose to get rid of stubborn fat with the help of CoolSculpting. The procedure has been a consistent leader in the industry for over a decade. This is the first noninvasive fat reduction procedure that is recommended by doctors all over.

Manufacturer of CoolSculpting, Allergan Aesthetics, has recently launched a new revolutionary technology for eliminating fat cells called CoolSculpting Elite. This is an advanced and innovative solution for reducing stubborn fat in a nonsurgical manner.

CoolSculpting Elite is part of the new generation of body contouring procedures. It allows for greater precision and is a more advanced version of CoolSculpting. The device can target more areas as compared to other devices for fat reductions. CoolSculpting Elite is quicker, less sticky, and treats more fat.

The Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, led by board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton M. Sundin and Dr. Reps B. Sundin, provides CoolSculpting Elite body contouring treatment to patients in Richmond, Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia, and surrounding locations.

CoolSculpting Elite is Better than CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is the only FDA cleared, noninvasive fat reduction procedure that uses controlled cooling for getting rid of stubborn fat. The device has been in use for long as an effective procedure for reducing fat deposits that don’t go away through exercise and diet.

There are several improvements made on CoolSculpting. These are:

Treatment time is cut down by 50% because of dual applicators C-shaped applicators are better than u-shaped ones for fitting curves and shapes. 18% more area is covered by c-shaped applicators. Up to 25% fat can be removed with this device

Pros of CoolSculpting Elite

These are a few reasons why you should get CoolSculpting Elite:

Completely noninvasive Zero scarring risk Zero discomfort or downtime Quicker fat reduction Doesn’t require local or general anesthesia Complication risks are negligible

Is the Procedure Painful?

CoolSculpting Elite feels similar to other CoolSculpting devices. The new C-shaped applicator allows for gentle suction and even cooling. Patients can be even more comfortable during the treatment.

Childbirth and CoolSculpting Elite

You can easily get CoolSculpting Elite performed after a month of natural or vaginal childbirth. You should wait for another 3 – 6 months if you are breastfeeding the baby. If your delivery was through a C-section, you would need to wait for at least 3 – 6 months before getting fat reduction through CoolSculpting Elite.

This is if you are getting the procedure performed on the abdomen. Your treatment provider will ask you to wait until the scar heals and you regain sensation around it.

How Efficient is CoolSculpting Elite?

You should speak with an experienced treatment provider whether the treatment will be effective for you or not. The effectiveness of a procedure depends on the areas targeted, skin type, skin laxity, and the presence of scars and tattoos.

A significant factor is the amount of pinchable fat in the target area. Cosmetic surgeons at VIPS receive patients from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia, and nearby areas for Elite CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure.

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