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What is Breast Augmentation Mastopexy (BAM)?

Breast Augmentation Mastopexy (BAM)

What is Breast Augmentation Mastopexy (BAM)?Breast augmentation mastopexy is designed to improve the position, size, and contour of breasts for an overall enhanced look. Your plastic surgeon will effectively place the implants to increase volume in you breasts while removing excess skin and tightening the tissues for a more lifted appearance. You can regain the youthful look of your breasts with this plastic surgery.

Your surgeon may also reposition the nipple-areolar complex for better and more natural looking results. Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, led by board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton M. Sundin and Dr. Reps B. Sundin, provides breast augmentation mastopexy to patients in Richmond, Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia, and surrounding communities.

Advantages of a Breast Augmentation Mastopexy

Breast augmentation mastopexy procedure is preferred because it combines two effective breast surgeries together. You get to add fullness to your breasts while lifting them at the same time. You get the following added benefits by undergoing a BAM cosmetic surgery:

  • Increased breast volume
  • Increased breast size
  • Enhanced projection
  • Firmer and tighter breasts
  • Elevated breasts
  • Repositioned or resized nipple-areola complex
  • Improved symmetry between the two breasts

Procedure of Breast Augmentation Mastopexy

BAM plastic surgery procedure is typically carried out under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will create the required incisions according to the pre-decided surgical plan once you are placed under anesthesia. This plan will be prepared in advance during the pre-op consultation and discussed in detail with you.

Incisions are usually placed around the outer edge of the areola. A second incision may be placed from the areola down to the bust line or inframammary fold. Your cosmetic surgeon may excise any excess skin if you have sagging breasts. This will be done horizontally across the breast crease.

The surgeon will lift the breast tissue through this incision to a raised position on the chest wall. Depending on your individual situation, this may be done before or after the surgeon places the implants. Your plastic surgeon may also resize or reposition the areolas using the same incision.

Breast implants are generally placed below the pectoral muscles and adjusted into position through the incision. Your surgeon will make sure that optimal breast shape and symmetry is achieved before pulling the breast skin taut over the implants. They will then proceed to reattach the skin using removable or dissolvable sutures.

The procedure can take anywhere from 2 – 3 hours.

Breast Augmentation Mastopexy Results and Recovery

Swelling and bruising will be conspicuous in the first few days, which is normal. You won’t be able to notice the difference of your plastic surgery till after these symptoms have reduced. This should take anywhere from 10 to 14 days. You should be able to see noticeable changes around this time.

Your surgeon will recommend a surgical bra for the first few weeks to provide your breast tissue with the extra support they need. Most women return to their workplace within 10 to 14 days after the surgery. However, it is recommended that you avoid any strenuous activities for at least a month.

Cosmetic surgeons at VIPS receive patients from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia, and nearby areas for breast augmentation mastopexy.

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