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What is BodyTite Fat Reduction?

What is BodyTite Fat Reduction?Stubborn fat pockets in certain areas of the body may develop over time in both women and men. Aging and other factors will also cause skin laxity in various areas. Although plastic surgery procedures can significantly improve body contours, not every individual is willing to receive surgery for an elective aesthetic purpose.

For all such candidates, BodyTite fat reduction may be an excellent body contouring treatment option. The dual treatment approach of BodyTite differentiates it from many other non-surgical procedures which are designed to reduce fat deposits. BodyTite not only reduces unwanted fat, but it also tightens loose skin.

The Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, led by judicious, profound, and board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin, provides BodyTite body contouring to patients in Richmond, Virginia, and surrounding communities.


RF-based Treatment

The mainstay of the BodyTite procedure is radio frequency or RF energy, which gently melts away the targeted fat tissue without requiring any plastic surgery. The procedure is highly safe because the heat delivery is controlled according to the patient’s specific needs. RF energy will firm up sagging skin while reducing fat pockets at the same time.

BodyTite does not involve any aggressive tissue manipulation like liposuction surgery. In a minimally invasive way, the RF energy liquefies the targeted fat tissue for its easier and less traumatic removal using aspiration process. Once the unwanted fat has been eliminated, the treatment provider will deliver RF energy into the deeper tissue to promote fresh collagen fiber generation.

With new collagen produced over time, the skin structure will become firmer and tighter and more volumized. Results are more natural looking with BodyTite because collagen production will continue to renew the tissue from within in a gradual way. Results will sustain for a longer time.



If an individual is unable to get rid of unwanted fat pockets and loose skin with diet and exercise, they may be a candidate for BodyTite procedure. Patients who seek an alternative to excisional surgery are usually good candidates for this minimally invasive treatment.

Individuals who suffer from uneven, lumpy skin appearance that may have occurred due to a previous liposuction surgery may also benefit from BodyTite to restore smoother, more even looking skin. Exercise resistant fat deposits in the buttocks, thighs, tummy, arms, neck, and knees can be successfully improved with BodyTite.



The surgeon will first mark the targeted areas, and then administer a local anesthetic injection to cause numbness in the local tissue. Therefore, they will introduce the BodyTite hand piece into the fat pad to deliver RF energy in a controlled manner to melt the stubborn fat tissue. Once the fat cells are liquefied due to the heat, they will be removed using aspiration.

After the removal of fat, the surgeon will treat the skin surface on the outside using RF energy. Once the energy penetrates into the skin tissue, it will promote the production of fresh collagen to volumize and tighten the skin. The kind, dignified, and ABPS board certified plastic surgeons at VIPS receive patients from Richmond, Virginia, and other towns and communities in this part of the country for BodyTite body contouring treatment.

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