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Virginia Thigh Lift

One of the most common “problem areas” of the body is the inner and outer thighs. Hours may be spent in the gym and strict diets followed to the letter and still, the thigh area may never respond as you wish it would. The excess fat and skin accumulate and it becomes even harder to firm and tone. This “problem area” can be treated surgically, sculpting the lower body, with the thigh lift procedure.

Richmond Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Burton Sundin will help you decide if a thigh lift will produce the results you are looking for during your thigh lift consultation. Your medical history will be examined as well as your weight loss goals to determine if you are a proper candidate for a thigh lift. Some things to consider during your consultation are whether or not you have reached ideal body weight and your reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sundin is dedicated to patient education and will cover the entire thigh lift surgical process including what to do the day of surgery, the surgery its self and what to expect during recovery.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. Dr. Sundin will cover both the benefits and the risks associated with thigh lift surgery. While some complications are less likely when you follow the advice of your plastic surgeon, it is important to understand the potential complications associated with your cosmetic procedure. After careful consideration of both the risks and benefits of surgery, you’ll have to weigh the risks against the potential benefits to make an informed decision. Dr. Sundin will go over all potential risks of surgery and will make himself available to answer any and all of your questions.

To learn more about thigh lifts and how it can help improve your body image, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sundin today.

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