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Virginia Breast Augmentation – Richmond Breast Implants

Breast augmentation continues to dominate the world of plastic surgery with over 300,000 thousand women undergoing breast augmentation every year. There are many reasons women consider breast augmentation from simply the desire to have larger breasts to restoring the appearance of their breasts after pregnancy or breastfeeding. No matter what your reason, Dr. Burton Sundin, one of Virginia’s premier Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, will work with you to create the breasts you desire.

Women seeking the help of the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery in creating larger, more shapely breasts often state their desire for natural looking breast augmentation. Richmond plastic surgeon Dr. Sundin strives to create natural looking breast augmentation results using the latest in breast augmentation techniques.

Your Richmond breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Sundin is a critical first step in creating results you love. During your Richmond breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Sundin will discuss your expectations for ending result and allow you to try on ‘implant sizers’ to get a better idea of what you would look and feel like with larger breasts. It is important for you to share you desires for final results as well as any concerns you may have so that Dr. Sundin can be sure to address all concerns and develop the best surgical plan to meet your goals.

After your custom tailored surgical plan is in created, Dr. Sundin will follow that plan to create results that not only meet your expectations but hopefully exceed them. We invite you to schedule your Virgina breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Sundin. Click here to contact the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery.

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