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Gauged and Torn Earlobe Repair Richmond

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Gauged or Dilated earlobes are a popular trend today, especially in Richmond.  But they don’t have to be something you need to keep for the rest of your life.  Many people decide to have them fixed for personal or professional reasons.  At the Virginia Institute of Plastic surgery, we specialize in reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, including repair of torn or gauged earlobes. Most cases can be done in a little under an hour with just local anesthesia in the office.  Visit us at or call (804) 290-0909 for a CONSULTATION to learn more about possible options.

If you are looking to slim down in the new year , Coolsculpting is a great nonsurgical option. Coolsculpting uses cold temperature to permanently destroy unwanted fat cells in treated areas.  Coolsculpting is excellent to rid yourself of bulges in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. The device is FDA approved for non-invasive fat reduction.  Coolsculpting has been featured on Dr Oz, The Doctors, and Rachel Ray as well as in The Wall Street Journal, Town and Country, New Beauty, W, Allure, and Elle

Each treatment results in a 20% reduction at the treatment site. Mulptiple treatments are additive and result in increased fat reduction. The cells are destroyed, therefore the effect is permanent. There is no down time and no anesthesia or incision is necessary. You can have the procedure performed on your lunch hour.

Drs Burton and Reps Sundin are the leading providers of Coolsculpting in Virginia.  We have treated over 600 patients at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery. Find out more on our main website or call to schedule your consultation today.  Call 290-0909.

Did you know that you can have a Rhinoplasty aka a nose job performed without any visible incisions.  Not all Plastic surgeons are trained to perform this technique.  Dr. Sundin has had advance training by expert in the field in rhinoplasty and specifically closed rhinoplasty without visible incisions.  Visit us at or call 804-290-0909 to schedule a consultation.

Watch the discussion of the Brazilian Butt Lift with actual patient experiences on the Today show. Dr. Sundin is proud to bring this technique and procedure to the Virginia Area, having learned from some of the masters of fat grafting and body contouring in manhatten. Visit us at or call 804-290-0909 for a consultation

Brazilian Butt Lift Today Show

Reps Sundin discusses the latest liposuction alternative fat freezing with Cool Sculpting by zeltiq

Dr. Reps Sundin discusses the latest liposuction alternative; coolsculpting by Zeltiq that literally freezes your fat away.  This Fat Freezing technology is offered at The Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, visit us at for a consultation.