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Life takes it toll on our bodies from gravity to life experiences such as pregnancy, nursing or changes in weight. For women, these changes might be most noticeable in our breasts. Often in age the breasts begin to sag and start to hang lower and lower with each passing year, sometimes even losing mass. If you are dissatisfied with the changes occurring in your breasts, you may be considering a Breast Lift surgery.

Through Richmond Breast Lift, many women have received the results they desired. A Breast Lift surgery is a procedure designed to lift the breasts into a perkier, higher position while also making them more firm. If breast mass has been lost and is also a concern, a Breast Lift in combination with a Breast Augmentation may be the best way to achieve the desired result. To learn more about your options and to find out if a Breast Lift may be right for you, contact our office today!