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Nasal Valve Collapse – Rhinoplasty Richmond

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Nasal Valve Collapse Richmond

Do you have a long, drooping tip of the nose? If you have one that hangs down in front of your nostrils, this may make breathing difficult. Very narrow nostrils are also a type of nasal obstruction. If either of these issues occur, external nasal valve collapse rhinoplasty may be necessary.

These nasal problems may occur as a result of age, genetics, previous rhinoplasty, or nasal injury. They obstruct the external nasal valves, which are part of what controls airflow in the nose.

Learn more about nasal valve collapse rhinoplasty and its effects on the external and internal nasal valves by contacting our office to set up a consultation. You’ll find out more about the procedure, including post-operative care instructions, from skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin. Call or email today!

rhino_stock_1Having weak, sunken nostrils typically means having a pinched nasal tip. When a person has recessed nostrils as a result of a previous rhinoplasty, genetics, or nasal trauma, plastic surgeons recommend corrective rhinoplasty to make the nose look more balanced.

How do plastic surgeons correct a pinched nasal tip? Often, their main focus is making the lower lateral cartilages (LLCs) straighter. Putting in cartilage grafts is an effective way to better support the LLCs. Having straighter, fuller LLCs will create a smoother transition between the tip of the nose and the nostril rims.

Find out more about rhinoplasty and how it can turn your pinched nasal tip into a fuller, more-balanced tip – pay a visit to Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin. These board-certified plastic surgeons can help you get the nose you want, so contact our office to make an appointment for a consultation.


The more you know in preparation for your rhinoplasty, the better your results and overall experience will be. Rhinoplasty is a sophisticated plastic surgery that requires you to stay in communication with your surgeon as well do your own preparation.

In the time leading up to your rhinoplasty, you will be asked to get a lab test or medical evaluation, take certain medications or adjust current prescriptions, stop smoking and avoid taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs—aspirin and anti-inflammatory medication complicate surgery as they increase bleeding.

An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Burton or Dr. Reps Sundin will guide you through the steps of your rhinoplasty by giving you specific instructions about what to do the night prior to the surgery, what kind of anesthesia will be used and how to best handle your post-operative recovery. All of this will be explained to you before your procedure.

Contact us to schedule your appointment for a consultation where Dr. Reps or Dr . Burton Sundin will sit down with you at our office in Richmond and walk you through the procedure.

Did you know that you can have a Rhinoplasty aka a nose job performed without any visible incisions.  Not all Plastic surgeons are trained to perform this technique.  Dr. Sundin has had advance training by expert in the field in rhinoplasty and specifically closed rhinoplasty without visible incisions.  Visit us at or call 804-290-0909 to schedule a consultation.