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Stahl's Ear Richmond

People born with large, pointed ears have a malformation known as Stahl’s Ear. To better understand Stahl’s Ear (and otoplasty, or ear surgery), you’ll first need to learn a little bit about ear anatomy.

Below the top rim of the ear, there are two branches of cartilage called the antihelical crura. Each individual branch is called a crus. They extend upwards to meet the fold in the top of the ear, called the helix. When a person is born with a third crus, they have Stahl’s Ear. This crus changes the shape of the upper ear.

To correct Stahl’s Ear with otoplasty, cartilage is typically removed from the unnecessary third crus in order to reshape the top of the ear. Find out more with a trip to Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin, skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons. Arrange an appointment by contacting our office.