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Bulbous Tip – Rhinoplasty Richmond Nose Job

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Bulbous Tip – Rhinoplasty Richmond Nose Job

A lot of people don’t like how their noses look. However, it can be difficult to identify what the exact issue is. A “big nose” can mean a host of different things; so can a “small nose” or a “weirdly shaped nose.” When people say “big nose,” they are sometimes referring to a bulbous tip deformity, which can be corrected with rhinoplasty surgery.

When a person has a bulbous tip, the tip of the nose appears rounded, even ball-shaped, and often larger and wider than normal. If the nasal tip is longer than a typical one, that may be more of an overprojected tip or possibly a drooping tip. The nose’s anatomy is quite complex, so having an accurate assessment is key for understanding the cause of the issue.

Regardless of the issues involved, a skilled plastic surgeon will be able to assess the area during a consultation and provide a solution. Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin are experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons with long records of successful surgeries. Contact our office in Richmond or Virginia Beach to arrange an appointment.