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Trampoline Neck Lift – Anti-Wrinkle Procedure Richmond

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At a certain age, the idea of neck rejuvenation to remove wrinkles and tighten sagging skin begins to sound very appealing. If you’re looking for a less invasive version of the traditional neck lift, a trampoline neck lift may be the perfect choice for you.

The trampoline neck lift is also called the incisionless neck lift, and for good reason. It involves no incisions and is instead only minimally invasive, making it a gentler procedure than the typical neck lift. During it, tiny needle sticks are used to carefully weave a single suture into the area for lifting.

To arrange a consultation and learn more about our trampoline neck lift, contact us and set up an appointment. Board-certified Richmond, VA plastic surgeons Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin can explain this innovative procedure in further detail and get you started.