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Kybella Injections – Minimally Invasive Richmond

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In the past, correcting one’s embarrassing double chin meant getting liposuction surgery. Many people were not thrilled with the idea of invasive surgery and avoided the procedure entirely. Now, the FDA has approved a state-of-the-art double-chin-reduction procedure that involves no surgery whatsoever. With Kybella injections, you can restore your beautiful chin without scalpels or incisions.

Kybella injections are a revolutionary minimally invasive way of quickly reducing fatty tissue in the submental region. No surgery is required, and so you won’t have to spend weeks away from your job experiencing any sort of recovery process. Instead, you’ll be right back to your normal schedule!

Plastic surgeons Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin have the training and accuracy needed to help you get rid of your double chin with ease. To arrange a consultation for Kybella injections, contact our office.