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Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup – Microblading Richmond

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Reshaping your eyebrows can be extremely difficult, especially when one has to do it day in and day out. Save yourself time and money – come in for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup! This medical tattooing procedure offers beautiful eyebrows that stay beautiful.

Dr. Sundin’s aestheticians use the latest technique in eyebrow tattooing. It’s called microblading, and it creates a more natural feathered eyebrow appearance than traditional tattoo techniques.

It uses a microblade to etch what appear to be natural-looking lines, similar to what one creates with an eyebrow pencil. This avoids the dot appearance of older techniques.

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is ideal in a number of cases. It is particularly useful for athletes and busy professionals without the time to constantly trim the brows or reapply temporary makeup.

After this procedure, eyewash and eye drops can be used without fear of affecting the eyebrows. No smudging, no need to reapply!

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, contact us today and arrange a consultation. Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin, two skilled board-certified plastic surgeons, offer numerous aesthetic procedures to help you achieve your beauty goals.