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Arm Lift – Brachioplasty Surgery Richmond

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If you’ve got “bat wings” – hanging arm skin and fat – think about a surgical solution. The arm lift procedure will remove that extra skin and leave you with arms you can feel great about. Part of an arm lift is the creation of incisions on the backs or bottoms of the upper arms.

Your plastic surgeon may use a zigzag or curved pattern when making their arm lift incisions. The pattern of the incision will depend on several factors, including the amount of tissue to remove and the shape that will best hide the resulting scars. This will be determined in advance, during your consultation.

Feeling ready to consult with a skilled, experienced, and well-respected plastic surgeon in the Richmond area? Then it’s time to see board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin. They will ensure that your surgery is as comfortable and effective as possible. Contact our office to create an appointment.