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Eyelash Growth Rejuvenation – Richmond Latisse Treatment

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latisse_stock_3For effective eyelash rejuvenation, many people use Latisse eyelash regrowth medication. Latisse can make your lashes longer, more lustrous, and deeper in color. It can also regrow missing lashes.

Latisse is a medication that must be applied nightly in order to be effective for eyelash rejuvenation. Occasionally with patients, unavoidable situations come up that make it impossible to apply Latisse during one of the treatment days. In these cases, the patient should not adjust their dose the following day to compensate. Instead, they should resume the nightly schedule and stick with the normal dosage.

Long, beautiful eyelashes are just an appointment away! To schedule your eyelash rejuvenation consultation, contact our office. Board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin are experienced medical professionals serving the Richmond area. Call or email today.

When it comes to beauty, sometimes the details can make all the difference. Sparse, irregular, discolored eyelashes can distract from a pair of beautiful eyes. Don’t settle for sub-par lashes – get the lustrous eyelashes you deserve with Latisse treatments.

In some cases, Latisse treatments have also been shown to be effective in regrowing scalp hair. In these instances, it was used to fill in thinning hair. Eyebrow and beard hair growth can also be encouraged with Latisse treatments.

So if you’re experiencing thinning hair and are in need of a boost, contact our office to set up a consultation. If you have questions about Latisse treatments, Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin, both board-certified plastic surgeons, will be glad to answer them. Call or email today!