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Male Reduction Mammaplasty – Chest Recontouring Richmond

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male_breast_reduction_stock_2If you have enlarged male breast tissue and are feeling tired of teasing and body issues, there’s a surgical solution that may be perfect for you. This procedure is called male reduction mammaplasty, and it’s an effective way to deal with excess male breast tissue once and for all.

The tissue area around one’s nipple, known as the areola, may be abnormally shaped or sized due to gynecomastia. The skin of the breast must stretch to accommodate the excess of glandular and/or fatty tissue, causing these distortions in the areolae to occur. If the patient desires, male reduction mammaplasty can involve correction of abnormal areolae.

You can learn more about the condition from a male reduction mammaplasty consultation. Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin are board-certified plastic surgeons who have a great deal of experience with aesthetic procedures. To create an appointment for an evaluation, contact our office today.