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Mastopexy – Breast Lift Incision Options Richmond

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breast_lift_stock_2Patients will have numerous incision options for their mastopexy procedure, which is used to reshape and raise drooping breasts. The best way to choose the right option for you is by starting with the degree of change you’re looking to achieve.

To remove a great deal of tissue and raise breasts experiencing a high degree of sagging, the anchor mastopexy incision is the ideal choice.

For slightly less sagging, patients may go down a step to the lollipop incision. Another step down is the donut incision, and for those patients looking for a minor degree of change, the crescent incision may be best.

Discuss your mastopexy incision options in greater detail by contacting our office and arranging a consultation. Board-certified Richmond, VA plastic surgeons Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin have a great deal of experience and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

augmentation_lift_stock_2The breast lift with implants is a combination procedure that provides total breast rejuvenation. Also known as augmentation mastopexy, the breast lift with implants is ideal for increasing the size of the breasts while eliminating sagging. Because of these benefits, it’s a procedure that many women request following breastfeeding.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can put the breasts through a metamorphosis of sorts, causing numerous changes in size and shape. Excess skin and a reduction in volume are common complaints. The lift reduces excess skin, and the implants add volume.

Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin, two board-certified Richmond plastic surgeons, will be happy to assist you in reaching your aesthetic goals. For more information regarding the breast lift with implants, contact our office and arrange an appointment for a consultation.

NKP-155-250x185Breast lifts, also known as mastopexies, are a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance or correct the appearance of the breast that has changed due to aging, natural sagging or pregnancy. Considering a breast lift is an exciting step to take towards achieving the look you desire. Something you might want to keep in mind is that it helps to be prepared for your consultation.

Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Burton or Dr. Reps Sundin is a key step to ensuring you are happy with the final results of your breast lift. Coming in prepared with questions will keep you focused on your goals and will clue the doctor in on your needs. Be prepared to ask how a breast lift is performed, and don’t hesitate to get as specific as asking where incisions are made or inquire about the options you have for breast lift techniques.

If you are interested in a consultation about your breast lift, contact us to schedule your appointment at our office in Richmond.