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Richmond Line-up: BOTOX, Prevelle, Restylane, Juvederm, Evolence

There are some effects of time that we simply can not reverse. However, advancements in cosmetic surgery have added some powerful tools to our anti-aging arsenal. Richmond plastic surgeon Dr. Burton Sundin offers his patients a wide variety of rejuvenation options. From surgical procedures such as a face lift to injectable dermal fillers such as Restylane or BOTOX, Dr. Sundin will work with you to create a rejuvenation plan to meet your needs.

Dermal fillers are among some of the most popular rejuvenation products. Dr. Sundin recognizes that there is no one dermal filler that is right for everyone. Additionally, some dermal fillers are more effective treating a particular part of the face than others. For these reasons, Dr. Sundin offers BOTOX, Restylane, Juvederm, Prevelle, and Evolence as treatment options to his cosmetic surgery patients.

Dermal fillers can be an effective alternative to more invasive procedures such as face lift or brow lift. Fine lines and wrinkles can be treated with one of the many dermal fillers available. During your consultation, Dr. Sundin will help you determine which dermal filler will best meet your needs and produce optimal results. Patients who opt for dermal fillers generally need to have followup treatments 3-6 months later to maintain the same youthful appearance.

If you would like to discuss how dermal fillers can help you achieve a young, rejuvenated appearance, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff is ready to provide exceptional customer service from the very first phone call.

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