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Richmond Earlobe Reconstructon

Tearing your earlobe is never a pleasant experience. Unfortunately significant weight or trauma can pull jewelry through the earlobe tissue causing the earlobe to be split in two. Richmond board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Burton Sundin can repair torn earlobes with earlobe reconstructive surgery.

Men and women both wear ear jewelry to enhance their appearance, therefore both men and women are at risk of a torn earlobe. A tear in the lobe or margin leaves a gap in the otherwise smooth connected edge. This tends to usually  be very visible and hard to cover with hair or clothing. Avoiding heavy jewelry and wearing jewelry while playing sports will help reduce the risk of torn earlobes. Should your earlobes be torn, Dr. Burton can repair them using the latest in surgical techniques

If your ears have been torn and you would like to discuss how Dr. Sundin can help you restore your ears to a more normal appearance, contact our Richmond office to schedule your consultation.

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