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Repairing Torn Earlobes with Richmond Earlobe Reconstruction

The fashion world of today has led some to create large holes in their earlobes that they fill with heavy jewelry. This excess weight and massive holes put the earlobes at high risk of tearing. Even small jewelry can be torn from the ears creating unattractive flaps of skin. Dr. Sundin offers earlobe reconstruction to repair torn earlobes restoring them to a more normal appearance.

Torn earlobes happen to men and women with large heavy jewelry but also to those who wear smaller, lighter earrings. There are three ways to repair a torn earlobe.  A “jelly roll” flap, a layered closure, or “Z-plasty” flap are all effective surgical techniques used to repair the earlobes.  The cause of your injury and the damage done to the tissue will determine which procedure is right for you. In many cases, a small hole can be left to allow the patient to wear earrings after the procedure.

The best way to avoid earlobe injuries is to limit the use of heavy jewelry and remember to take out your jewelry when playing sports or dealing with small children that like to tug and pull on earrings. If your ears have been injured or torn, contact our office to schedule a confidential consultation. Dr. Sundin will explain your repair options and work with you to create a surgical plan to restore your ears to a more normal appearance. In many cases, the ears can be re-pierced after they have been repaired if needed.

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