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Questions To Ask Your Facelift Plastic Surgeon

Facelift Plastic Surgeon

Questions To Ask Your Facelift Plastic SurgeonThe face is an easily noticeable part of the body. Most patients are naturally concerned about selecting an appropriate plastic surgeon for their facelift procedure. The surgery should only be performed by highly experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeons.

Patients, during the pre-op consultation, should express their concerns about the surgery to the surgeon. The Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, led by board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton M. Sundin and Dr. Reps B. Sundin, provides facelift surgery to patients in Richmond, Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia, and surrounding locations.

Questions to Ask at Your Consultation

Patients should preferably list out all questions and take the list to the initial consultation. These are a few questions that should form part of the question list:

  • Are you a board certified plastic surgeon? If yes, where did you get your certification from?
  • How many years of experience and training do you have in the field of facelift cosmetic surgery and other surgical procedures?
  • How satisfied are the patients that received a facelift from you?
  • Do you have any operating privileges at a local surgical center or hospital?
  • What are the background and qualification of the team members that will be helping you during the facelift surgery?
  • Am I a suitable candidate for facelift plastic surgery?
  • Which facelift technique would you recommend for my specific needs?
  • Can I see before and after pictures of facelift surgery performed by you on previous patients?
  • Can I review testimonials of previous patients that underwent the facelift surgery?
  • Can I meet any of your staff members?
  • Will you perform the procedure under local or general anesthesia?
  • Can your practice appropriately deal with a medical emergency?
  • How much time will the procedure take?
  • What are a few possible risks pertaining to this surgery?

Facelift Surgery Cost Related Questions

  • What is the approximate cost of the facelift plastic surgery?
  • Does the cost include pre- and post-operative expenses?
  • How will the overall costs be affected by choosing a hospital, surgical center, or an accredited surgical suite?
  • Does your fee include post-operative consultation charges?
  • Will the surgery be cost effective if I choose to undergo multiple procedures at the same time?
  • Can your team guide and assist me with financing and insurance options?

Additional Tips

Before the initial consultation, patients should go through the surgeon’s website. Additionally, they can check ratings and reviews of the surgeon and their practice on third-party platforms. Patients should try and engage with other patients that got the surgery done before. This will give them better insight to the facelift surgery.

Age Restrictions to Facelift Surgery

Overall health and skin elasticity have a far greater effect on the suitability of a candidate to undergo the procedure as opposed to age. Most patients undergoing the facelift surgery fall in the age bracket of 40 – 70. Your skin texture and current skin condition will be evaluated by a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

Surgeons make individual judgment and recommendation to determine the candidacy of a patient for facelift. Cosmetic surgeons at VIPS receive patients from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia, and nearby areas for facelift surgery.

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