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MyEllevate – Minimally Invasive Necklift

MyEllevate – Minimally Invasive, Minimal Downtime Necklift

The Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery is pleased to introduce one of the newest and dramatically effective procedures for facial rejuvenation – MyEllevate. This minimally invasive treatment is an excellent choice for patients seeking a simple yet transformative and sustainable solution to restore a youthful look.

MyEllevate can be performed in the safety and comfort of our office using only local anesthesia or in the operating room in under an hour. You can return home immediate after the treatment with a refined jawline and an overall rejuvenated facial appearance. The results are long lasting and natural looking. This procedure can also be combined with non-surgical J-Plasma skin tightening to enhance results!

Procedure Highlights

  • Minimally invasive treatment that shapes and elevates your jawline
  • Reduces the signs of aging and creates a rejuvenated lower face and neck appearance 
  • Approximates and lifts the underlying tissue structures to produce deeper and natural looking results
  • Based on the cutting-edge ICLED light-guided suture system for high precision outcomes 
  • Experienced surgeons can place the suture support without any cuts or incisions 
  • Quick and natural looking results that could even last a lifetime
  • Treatment process takes less than one hour 
  • Rapid post-treatment recovery and minimal discomfort
  • Little to no swelling and bruising in most cases  
  • MyEllevate can be combined with other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures
  • Equally suited for women and men 
  • Built by world-renowned, award-winning plastic surgeons

Before and After

Before and After videos courtesy of MyEllevate. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

How does MyEllevate Work?

MyEllevate utilizes an innovative, light guided technology to precisely address the aging muscles and glands below the skin of your jawline. Unlike traditional facelift and neck lift plastic surgery procedures, MyEllevate involves negligible incisions or skin removal to rejuvenate your neck and jawline.  

The revolutionary MyEllevate technique can create phenomenal facial rejuvenation and a contoured neckline with minimal bruising, swelling, and almost no adverse scarring risks. If you are seeking the benefits of a neck lift minus the potential downsides, MyEllevate is the right choice for you. 

If you are planning to undergo liposuction to eliminate unwanted fat pockets in the face and neck areas, or you wish to get rid of an unsightly double chin, you may consider MyEllevate as a minimally invasive treatment option to go along with liposuction. Our plastic surgeons can determine your candidacy and give you the best advice to meet your treatment goals most effectively.

Before and After

Before and After videos courtesy of MyEllevate. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

MyEllevate with Renuvion Skin Tightening

At VIPS, we have taken the revolutionary technology of MyEllevate to a new level by combining it with Renuvion skin tightening. You have the option to choose MyEllevate or Renuvion as standalone procedures, or select the innovative combination of the two technologies for more comprehensive facial and neck rejuvenation.

The two minimally invasive treatments can ideally work in sync with each other to deliver demonstrably superior results. We are offering this innovative and proven combination of MyEllevate and Renuvion to our patients who want to improve their appearance, but do not wish to go under the knife.

The synergistic power of both MyEllevate and Renuvion can help to refine your skin and define your jawline while mitigating the visible signs of aging in your lower face and neck. Depending on your personal aesthetic goals, we can recommend the appropriate customized treatment strategy for you during your consultation at our office.   


At the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, with offices conveniently located in Richmond and Tyson’s Corner, our ultimate goal is to help you achieve naturally-gorgeous results that reflect your inner beauty and vitality, while providing you with excellent medical care that maintains and supports your health and well-being.  Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin are both Board Certified in plastic surgery with extensive specialized training and decades of experience, enabling them to stay abreast of the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical rejuvenation procedures.  Their dedication to the powerful combination of cutting-edge techniques, open and honest communication, and a patient-centric philosophy is sure to maximize your safety and comfort.*