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Minimally Invasive Liposuction With VibraSculpt

Minimally Invasive Liposuction With VibraSculptAre you frustrated by the persistent, unsightly pockets of fat that won’t go away with diet or exercise? The Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery can provide you with an advanced, minimally invasive liposuction technique called VibraSculpt to refine and shape your contours and create a youthful look. Nothing compares with VibraSculpt if you are seeking a less aggressive treatment to achieve detailed enhancements in your figure.

Why Choose VibraSculpt?

Here are some of the compelling reasons why VibraSculpt might be just the treatment you are looking for to restore a leaner, more defined body contour in a least invasive way possible: 

  • Minimally invasive liposuction without general anesthesia 
  • Small cannulas create less tissue trauma 
  • Tiny incisions that may close without sutures 
  • Minimal post-procedure scarring that can be concealed 
  • The unique vibration device distracts from the pain signals
  • Vibration-assisted gentle plucking of the fat cells from the body
  • Less downtime, less discomfort, less risk 
  • Faster, smoother and more natural looking results 
  • Can be performed with little lipo, awake or with sedation 
  • Can be combined with skin tightening procedures, such as Renuvion/JPlasma, laser liposuction, or Bodytite/Facetite

How is VibraSculpt Performed?

The hallmark of VibraSculpt treatment at VIPS is a conservative approach to surgery and personalized care. Prior to your procedure, you will have a detailed consultation and physical examination with Dr. Sundin along with a review of your medical history. Once you are ready for VibraSculpt procedure, you will receive tumescent anesthesia, while does not put you to sleep. Mild sedation may or may not be included depending on your needs.

Dr. Sundin will create small openings in the targeted areas of skin and utilize small cannulas along with the VibraSculpt device to gently remove the unwanted fatty tissue, cell by cell. Small entry points mean that you may require sutures afterwards to close the incisions. This will minimize your scarring and expedite healing.

Depending on the degree of elasticity in your skin, you may choose to have VibraSculpt as a standalone procedure or combine it with minimally invasive skin tightening procedures, such as Renuvion/JPlasma, laser liposuction, or Bodytite and Facetite. In either case, Dr. Sundin will ensure that your final contours are smooth, attractive, and natural looking. 

Benefits of VibraSculpt Treatment

  • Sculpt All Areas: VibraSculpt addresses body contouring and fat removal in both large and small areas of your body, including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, flanks, back, arms, calves, neck, and breasts.
  • One Treatment: Just one treatment session is usually sufficient to perform the VibraSculpt procedure in a single or multiple areas of your body. Skin tightening procedures may also be performed simultaneously. 
  • Minimally Invasive: VibraSculpt minimally invasive liposuction involves no large incisions, no general anesthesia, no needles, no chemicals or medications, and no heat or cold. It works with gentle, natural vibrations. 
  • Superior Results: A customized VibraSculpt body contouring procedure at VIPS will help you achieve desirable, long lasting results with no lumpiness or ridges in the treated sites, and no conspicuous scarring later on. 
  • Fast Recovery: Bruising, swelling, and pain after the VibraSculpt liposuction treatment will be minimal and will resolve much faster. You can return home the same day of your treatment and resume your routine within 72 hours.

Work with the Body Contouring Specialists!

Your VibraSculpt minimally invasive liposuction will be exclusively performed by our highly experienced, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sundin. We are the top-rated body contouring experts with cutting-edge skills and technology for surgical as well as non-surgical fat reduction. To learn more about VibraSculpt, schedule an appointment with us today!