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Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Men who’s breasts appear overly developed or ‘woman like’ often suffer from a condition called gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition in which excess breast tissues gathers in the breast area. This condition is often associated with self esteem issues and self consciousness.Richmond plastic surgeon Dr. Burton Sundin uses male breast reduction surgery to help men suffering from gynecomastion restore their self confidence.

Gynecomastia often appears during puberty but may effect man of all ages . Using male breast reduction surgery, Dr. Sundin removes excess fat deposits and tissue to create smaller breasts. This is a potentially life changing procedure often aiding in restoring self esteem and lost confidence to those affected by gynecomastia.

If you would like to discuss how male breast reduction surgery can improve your appearance and your self esteem, contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation. Dr. Sundin will work with you to create a surgical plan to meet your individual needs so that you can return to life with restored self confidence.

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