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Facelift – Virginia – Facial Landmarks of Aging

Facelift – Virginia – Facial Landmarks of Aging

There are a lot of aspects to consider for your facelift. Facelifts were created to combat the signs of aging and enhance specific areas of the face so they appear more refreshed and youthful.

Board-certified plastic surgeons such as Dr. Burton Sundin or Dr. Reps Sundin identify landmarks of the face that are the most prominent when it comes to signs of aging. One of the biggest signs of aging comes in the formation of a jowl.

A jowl appears to be a sagging jaw line caused by the ptosis (sagging) of the cheeks. There are a few different techniques that can solve the problem of sagging cheeks. There are traditional facelifts and composite facelifts, for example, but it will come down to a decision between you and the practitioner based on what makes sense for your goals as well as facial structure.

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