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Patients often ask me “What will happen if my gel implants break?”  Click on the link below and you can see video of what happens to a Memory Gel Implant when it is cut in two. Modern silicone implants have a more solid gel filling that will not rush out even when the implant is traumatized or in the event of rupture. This makes them safer than the older silicone gel implants.


We have cut a MemoryGel™ breast implant in half to plainly show how the material holds together uniformly (no leaking) while still retaining the natural give of breast tissue.

It does this because of a cohesive, gelatin-like substance that acts as a solid rather than a liquid. Read more about MemoryGel™ and what you should consider before having your breast augmentation surgery.

Cutting a Memory Gel Implant in Two

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