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CoolSculpting Prices


The latest 2022 Coolsculpting technology and machines
Coolsculpting Diamond Provider, 1 of the to 20 practices offering coolsclupting in the united states
Can we also have some kind of contact button that says Claim your %50 off coolsculpting offer.

CoolSculpting Elite Pricing

  • Special introductory pricing of  33% on CoolSculpting
  • $600 per  treatment cycle site, a savings of $300 per cycle*
  • 40% off packages of 6 or more treatment cycle for a savings of $360 per site*
  • Additional savings for packages of 8 cycles or more!!!!*
  • 50% off packages of 12 or more cycles for the low cost of $450 per treatment cycle*

**Regular price for new Elite CoolAdvantage applicator is $900 per treatment cycle. Excludes Elite C240, C80, s150, CoolMini, Cooladvantage plus, and CoolPro applicators. Sale price for CoolMini and CoolPro is $850 per cycle. Pricing for arms, outer thighs and chins/necks may be higher. May not be combined with other specials or promotions. Prices subject to change without notice to comply with Coolsculpting minimum advertised pricing. Treatment cycle refer to one applicator cycle, not anatomic area. Multiple treatment cycles may be necessary to treat an anatomic area/region.