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Brachioplasty – Recovering from Surgery – Virginia

Brachioplasty – Recovering from Surgery – Virginia

Arm lift surgery, technically known as brachioplasty, offers patients an opportunity to enhance the shape and contour of their arms. Aging, massive weight loss and heredity can cause the skin to sag all over the body. For many people, excessive drooping and flaccid skin dangling underneath the arm can be of particular concern and a source of self-consciousness.

An arm lift, combined with skills and expertise of board-certified plastic surgeons like Drs. Reps and Burton Sundin, can help you achieve your beauty goals. One of the biggest steps you can take to ensure a successful experience is to prepare for your recovery. Similar to many surgeries that involve incisions, arm lifts will require you to delay any strenuous activity immediately after the procedure. Stitches, bandages and dressings will be applied to the incision area, and it will be important for you to avoid any trauma to the area.

If you would like to discuss the details of brachioplasty, please contact us at our office in Virginia.

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