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Arm Lift

Arm Lift

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Arm Lift

As we get older, our skin naturally begins to lose critical compounds we need to help our bodies stay fresh, healthy, and young-looking. We are familiar with the most obvious effects of this change: wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, for instance, or a rough, dry, hollow complexion. We may be less familiar with the toll this change can take on other parts of our body, however. For instance, as we age, the skin in the upper arm begins to stretch and sag, and the underlying fat, musculature, and bone can also begin to deteriorate. The result: an unappealing lack of firmness in the upper arm, and in the worst cases, a “batwing” appearance where the skin hangs loosely below the upper arm.*

*While a healthy diet and good exercise routine can ensure that your arms muscles stay strong and healthy, even individuals who are at or close to their ideal weight find it difficult to target the accumulation of excess fat in the arms or eliminate hanging, loose skin covering the biceps. Brachioplasty, or a surgical arm lift, offers a powerful restorative solution. A surgical arm lift is an ideal option for individuals seeking to:

  • Reduce the appearance of excess skin and fatty deposits on the upper arm (between the armpit and elbow)*
  • Tighten sagging, loose skin so it appears smooth and taut*
  • Create a fit, toned appearance to the upper arm*
  • Enhance the balance and harmony of the entire body by bringing the arms into proportion*

Arm lift surgery may be especially useful for individuals who have experienced dramatic weight loss, but still find themselves struggling with stretched, sagging skin.*

At the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in Richmond, Virginia and Vienna, Virginia, we understand the natural toll that the aging process can take on your body, often despite your best efforts to stay fit and healthy. Board Certified cosmetic surgeons Dr. Reps Sundin and Dr. Burton Sundin offer a range of powerful surgical solutions—such as the arm lift—designed to restore and maintain your youthful, sexy appearance. Each arm lift they perform utilizes the most cutting-edge surgical techniques to minimize the potential for complications and unintended side effects, while each procedure is custom-tailored to meet the unique aesthetic goals of each patient.*

What Does an Arm Lift Involve?

An arm lift (brachioplasty) removes excess fat and skin from the upper arm to create a proportionate, toned, smooth upper arm. The procedure is generally performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia, and involves an incision on the underside or back of the arm between the armpit and the elbow. The specific location and length of the incision will depend on how much correction your anatomy requires. The surgeon will first perform a liposuction procedure to gently disrupt and remove the fat, then trim away excess skin. The musculature is restructured and tightened with internal sutures to create a smooth, taut look. The incision is then closed with layered, absorbable sutures, clips, and surgical tape.

An arm lift can lead to temporary tightness and swelling in the upper arm, as well as tingling and numbness in the hands, but these side effects are mild and will resolve within a few days after the procedure. While most patients can return to normal activities within two or three after surgery, patients are advised to avoid rigorous exercise and strenuous activities for longer to ensure proper healing. It is critical to avoid sun exposure or use proper sun protection (at least SPF 15 or higher) to enable your scars to fade properly.

Contact the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery

At the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, with offices conveniently located in Richmond and Tyson’s Corner, our ultimate goal is to ensure you achieve naturally-gorgeous results that reflect your inner beauty and vitality, while providing you with excellent medical care that maintains and supports your health and well-being. Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin are both Board Certified in plastic surgery with extensive specialized training and decades of experience, enabling them to stay abreast of the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical rejuvenation procedures. Their dedication to the powerful combination of cutting-edge techniques, open and honest communication, and a patient-centric philosophy is sure to maximize your safety and comfort.*

If you are interested in the benefits of an arm lift (brachioplasty), or would more information on any of our surgical or non-surgical procedures, we encourage you to contact the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to hearing from you!

*DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary. Results are neither guaranteed nor permanent. Body contouring/sculpting procedures are not intended for weight loss. All patients must have realistic expectations of what plastic surgery and/or non-surgical procedures can achieve.