I’ve seen many women come into my office devastated by the results of their previous breast augmentation performed elsewhere, or they find it is time to move from saline to silicone. In fact, there are many reasons why a woman may feel that they need to redo a previous breast augmentation including:

Breasts that have become hard and/or distorted Deflation of saline breast implants Desire to upgrade to silicone gel implants Desire for larger or smaller implants Rippling or wrinkling of saline breast implants Dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance Breast asymmetry Desire to remove the breast implants

Capsular Contracture

Capsular Contracture is one of the most common reasons women seek to have breast revision surgery. Breast implants that feel hard and appear distorted may be a result of your body forming a capsule that lines the implant.

Incorrect Positioning

Incorrect breast implant positioning in a previous surgery can result in bottoming out (nipple is high), asymmetry, breadloafing, double bubble, excess cleavage and implant rotation.

Ruptured Implants

Breast implants can rupture for various reasons, including trauma to the breast or simply wearing out. Ruptures can occur at any time after surgery, however are generally more likely the longer an implant has been in use. Ruptured implants should be replaced as soon as possible.

Changing the Size of Breast Implants

Sometimes a woman simply changes her mind and wants to go bigger…or smaller. Dr. Sundin will work with you to find the size that you prefer and looks right with your body’s shape and size.

Breast Reconstruction after Cancer Treatment

Researchers are reporting that most women with breast cancer today opt to get breast reconstruction after undergoing mastectomies.

In 1998, the researchers found 46 percent of women who had a mastectomy underwent reconstruction surgery. In 2007, 63 percent of women undergoing mastectomies were opting for breast reconstruction surgery. The tide has changed…more women are seeking breast reconstruction than not.

Breast reconstruction is an important part of the treatment process for many women. The reconstruction process typically occurs in several steps and is usually covered by your health insurance. If you and your healthcare team decide that breast reconstruction is right for you, Dr. Sundin will discuss your reconstruction options and help set achievable expectations.

We can help.

If you are unhappy with your post-surgery appearance, or are experiencing complications with your implants, desire a different size or need breast reconstruction–Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery can help. Dr. Sundin will work with you to correct the aesthetic and/or medical complications that you might be experiencing from a previous procedure that was performed elsewhere.  Call now to set-up a consultation 804.290.0909.

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