Richmond Earlobe Reconstruction

Both men and women use jewelry to enhance their appearance. One of the most common types of jewelry is earrings. There are a few things to consider when it comes to earrings. When deciding to gauge your ears or choosing heavy jewelry, keep in mind the potential damage you could do to your ears. This damage could be torn earlobes due to weight or trauma. The easiest way to avoid torn earlobes is to simply avoid heavy jewelry and large gauge holes in your ear lobes. Virginia Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sundin can repair your earlobes should they get damaged or torn.

In earlobe repair, the skin lining the slot or tear is removed, creating a raw edge to rebuild. In most cases this is fairly straightforward, but lost tissue can complicate the reconstruction which must then center around reestablishing normal proportions in a slightly smaller ear.

During your consultation, Dr. Sundin will educate you on the entire procedure and the care involved after your ears have been repaired. Your ears can be repierced 6-8 weeks after repair. Schedule your consultation today and discuss your in

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