Maintaining a Youthful Appearance With Richmond Skin Care

There are many weapons used in the battle against aging. Surgical procedures are often effective in restoring youth to the face but are not for everyone. For those that want to maintain or restore their youthful appearance but don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure, Dr. Sundin offers a variety of Richmond skin care treatments.

From BOTOX to KINERASE, there is a skin care procedure to help you feel better about your skin. At the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Burton Sundin and his skin care staff tailor skin care treatments to meet your specific needs. The variety of skin care treatments are used to create smooth, healthy skin and reverse the affects of stress, aging, and genetics. Skin care is often the first step in creating an new, refreshed appearance and improving the health of your skin.

Contact our Richmond office to schedule your consultation. We will develop a treatment regimen to address your in

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