INFINIskin Before and After PhotosINFINIskin is a unique skin rejuvenation procedure that is ideally suited for people who want to restore a younger looking skin without plastic surgery. During the initial consultation, the treatment provider will explain various aspects of this radio frequency (RF) energy based treatment, and may also present INFINIskin before and after photographs.

The first concern of a responsible provider will be to educate the patient about INFINIskin and help them make an informed choice. Patients in Richmond, Virginia, and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive this treatment from board certified plastic surgeons at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery.


What are INFINIskin Before and After Pictures?

Before and after pictures in case of INFINIskin RF treatment refer to images relating to a previous patient who has undergone the same treatment with a satisfactory outcome. The pictures include images taken prior to the treatment and after the treatment at a stage when all treatment sessions have been completed and full results of INFINIskin are established.

The treatment provider will take care to ensure that the pictures are acquired with the patient’s full consent and presented before new patients in an appropriate manner. The patient’s identity may be kept confidential as required. The only purpose of the provider in this endeavor is to utilize these photos as a visual aid to explain the potential effectiveness of INFINIskin RF skin rejuvenation procedure to new patients.



Although INFINIskin is a highly effective procedure, combining innovative RF and microneedling technologies, but a new patient may be apprehensive about the aesthetic outcome. They may want to know whether the procedure will meet their personal cosmetic goals.

Some patients may only want limited treatment in the face, while some others may want more extensive treatment in the face, neck and décolletage area. In each case, the patient can make the best decisions about the procedure when they have access to INFINIskin before and after photos.


Keeping Reasonable Expectations

Patients should know the clear difference between a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment and a plastic surgery procedure. When they have the right cosmetic goals and reasonable expectations, they will be able to appreciate the final outcomes of INFINIskin treatment in a much better way. Therefore, an experienced provider will prefer to show INFINIskin before and after photos at the very outset.

This will reduce the risk of patient feeling disappointed in the end with the results. In every cosmetic procedure, patients with realistic expectations typically achieve higher satisfaction levels in the end. Board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin receive patients from Richmond, Virginia, and the suburbs the lie outside of this city and smaller cities that are in the Richmond area for INFINIskin and various other procedures.


Photos on the Website

The treatment provider has an option to provide INFINIskin before and after photos on their practice website under a separate “Photo Gallery” section. New patients can easily access the photos from the site even before they are ready to visit the provider’s office for a personal consultation. It is also a sagacious idea to disseminate the photos via social media photo sharing platforms

The innovation here is digital technology. Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin are fantastic surgeons but speaking to them and relying on vague brochures and picture books to determine how this surgery will look on you is better than nothing but does not approach the clarity and vividness of digital pictures.

Website pictures enable someone to almost predict the future since they will be able to see the difference this surgery has on them after just a couple minutes of observation. Now a patient can gather the critical information they need without notifying anyone. They can look at these pictures in a coffee shop or their own home, for instance.

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