Creating a Firm Midsection in Time for Summer – Richmond Tummy Tuck

Traditional diet and exercise may not always produce the results you want. Hours spent in the gym trying to firm up your midsection may prove unsuccessful. Abdominal muscles that have stretched due to multiple pregnancies often do not return to their original shape. Additionally, people who have undergone significant weight loss may be left with lose skin around the stomach. Richmond Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Burton Sundin uses abdominoplasty or Richmond tummy tuck to trim down your midsection getting your body summer ready.

Using  the tummy tuck procedure Dr. Sundin removes excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. Patients see results that reduce the protruding abdomen and leave them with a trim and fit abdominal profile. Both men and women can benefit from the versatile procedure that is Richmond abdominoplasty.

Dr. Sundin understands that no two patients are alike. For this reason, each tummy tuck procedure is custom tailored to the in

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