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Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck Incision Richmond

Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck Incision RichmondExcess belly fat accumulates over the years. Often, we’re not conscious of this change until it has become a problem. Buying a gym membership and jumping onto the latest diet trend may sound promising, but sometimes a flabby stomach just won’t go away, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it. To achieve real, effective change, consider an abdominoplasty.

The main incision for your abdominoplasty surgery is made horizontally across the abdomen, from one hipbone to the other, typically at the pubic hairline. Once this incision is created, the plastic surgeon will be free to alter the underlying tissues of the area, including fat and muscle.

Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin, two board-certified plastic surgeons serving the Richmond area, will be available for a consultation regarding your abdominoplasty procedure. Contact us to make an appointment for your consultation and get ready for a great-looking stomach!

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