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NKP-167-194x250Gluteoplasty, more commonly known as a butt lift, is a type of plastic surgery that aims to enhance or correct the appearance of the buttocks. For many, sagging due to age, genetics or excessive weight loss can leave the backside misshapen or drooping. A butt lift is an ideal option for those who would like to make a lasting, significant change to their buttocks.

Brazilian butt lifts are a specific type of butt lift that is growing in popularity. The basic butt lift typically focuses on the lifting and tightening of excess skin around the buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift can include liposuction, lipoinjection and body contouring. When all of these techniques are combined with the expertise of board-certified plastic surgeons like Drs. Reps and Burton Sundin, a Brazilian butt lift makes dramatic changes to your figure and the size of your buttocks.

If you would like to discuss what kinds of butt lift techniques fit your beauty goals, please contact us at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery in Virginia.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a multi-functional procedure. Taking the fat from your surrounding abdomen, hips and thighs it then processes that fat and purifies it, then re-injects the best of it into the most ideal area’s of your buttocks to re-form them into a more succulent and full asset.

These days the backside has stepped into the forefront of the media, with more and more famous backsides becoming the envied talk of the town. These natural assets are rare to come by. So, if you feel you were a day late and a dollar short the day that fully rounded backsides where handed out in heaven, there is at last a procedure which can transform your flat-side into a  more developed, burgeoning bottom!